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Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans were very popular before air conditioning units took over in the 1950s. However, more and more people have discovered that installing a ceiling fan can lower energy costs by turning down the air conditioning. With the two combined, your home will feel like it’s being kissed by an Atlantic breeze! At Always Prompt Repairs, we specialise in ceiling fan installations all over Brisbane so call us today to find out more.

Remember it is illegal to carry out DIY electrical work. Our licensed electricians are happy to do the work for you!

Ceiling fan installation at Always Prompt Repairs

Benefits of ceiling fans

We already mentioned that ceiling fans can reduce your energy running costs which is a huge benefit. But there are others such as:

Attractive decor
These days, ceiling fans come in a range of colours, materials and designs and can really add to the aethetics of any room.

Dual function
Ceiling fans can come with an attractive lighting unit, providing additional light to the room.

Circulation of warm air in winter
Most ceiling fans come with a reverse-blade function which helps increase the temperature of your room by circulating warm air.

Good for your carbon footprint
Fans use less electricity than an air conditioning unit – another huge plus!

Low maintenance
Apart from the occasional dusting, ceiling fans require very little maintenance when compared with air conditioning units.

Extra floor space
A ceiling fan doesn’t take up any extra space in your room compared with portable fans which may also fall over!

What you need for ceiling fan installation

According to Australian Standard AS 4226 – 2008, ceiling fans must be at least 2.1 metres from the floor and at least 300mm from the ceiling. If your ceiling is lower than that, you might consider a low-profile ceiling fan. However, because they are close to the ceiling, they do not circulate as much air. If on the other hand, your ceiling is higher than the recommended dimensions, you’ll need to install an extension rod so that the fan works at its best. We’ll be happy to discuss all this with you and recommend the best ceiling fan for your home.

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