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Miele Appliance Repair Brisbane

Miele appliance repairs

We are Proud to Be an Authorised Miele Service Partner.

Looking for prompt repairs of all your Miele Appliances in our our of Warranty? We’ve got you covered with our Guaranteed Prompt Services

Let’s face it – how would we cope without our top of the line kitchen and laundry appliances? The Miele fridge, Miele dishwasher and Miele Oven are all vital pieces of premium kit and if they stopped working, we would sorely miss them. However, At Always Prompt Miele Appliance Repair Brisbane, we’ll come to the rescue if things go wrong. But we also recommend that you call us to arrange a service and latest software updates on your Miele appliances at least once a year to avoid any emergencies!


Miele appliance repair Brisbane


How to recognise Miele Appliance Problems

Before your Miele appliance stops working altogether, it usually tries to tell you something’s wrong. So look out for some of the following warning signs – there are many but these are just some of the most common:

Miele Fridge/Freezer/Ice Box

Does it sound really loud – almost to the point of distraction? Or it may even beep or display a fault code.
Perhaps, there is more ice in your ice box or freezer than normal?

Miele Dishwasher

Are your dishes coming out of you dishwasher 100% clean?
Or is it emptying all the water out?
In fact, can it even start?

Miele Washing Machine

Does it sound like it’s about to take off when it’s in spin cycle?
Has the water fully drained once the cycle is complete?
And are water and suds leaking from it?

Miele Oven

Is it heating up and are your recipes turning out as they should?
Can you clean your oven satisfactorily?



We’re here to help!

Always Prompt Miele Appliance Repair Brisbane are open Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm.

The fix

Along with repair and service of Miele appliances, we also look after appliances of all major brands including Liebherr, Bosch, Smeg, Blanco, LG, Samsung, Waeco, Westinghouse, Dishlex, Electrolux, Simpson, Hoover, Fisher & Paykel, and more.

As well as Appliance repairs and servicing, we offer

Full Electrical Services*

  • Competitive pricing – we make it affordable for students and pensioners
  • You only pay if your appliance is out of warranty or a user fault
  • We supply a skilled team of technicians with the latest Miele Diagnostics Laptops, tools and vans stocked with many of the common Miele appliance parts.

We accept cash, mobile EFTPOS, Debit, VISA and MasterCard.

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