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Smoke Alarms Brisbane – Invest in your Family’s Safety Today.

Upgrading your Smoke Alarms Brisbane Wide today could save a life.

Old smoke alarms can be slow to react, and may not give you or your loved ones time to escape.

That’s why there’s new legislation to install interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms, which have been proven to be more effective in keeping you and your family safe.

The New Requirements for Smoke Alarms Brisbane, Queensland and Australia Coming into Effect Mean:

In a domestic dwelling, Photoelectric interconnected smoke alarms Must be installed

1) On each storey.
2) And in each bedroom.
3) In hallways that connect bedrooms and the rest of the dwelling, but if there is no hallway then between the bedroom and other parts of the storey.

4) If there are no bedrooms on a storey, at least one smoke alarm must be installed in the most likely path of travel to exit the dwelling.

We have a limited time offer for Red Smoke Alarms Brisbane Wide, we can install 4 of the latest interconnected smoke alarms.

Protect your home and family with a small investment of $649*

Additional RF smoke Alarms just $139 per alarm installed (A mixture of hardwired or 10 year lithium RF smoke Alarms may be used.) 

Wireless controller installed for additional $99.

Red Smoke Alarms installed Brisbane wide

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We use the latest Quality Red photoelectric, interconnected Smoke Alarms, which comply with the Standard AS 3786-2014

This Offer is for a standard install in a single story 3-bedroom, existing Dwelling which includes 1 wireless 10-year sealed battery smoke alarm in each bedroom and 1 RF or hardwired (As required) in the Hallway.

This Offer does not apply to new builds or substantially renovated homes (work carried out under a building development approval or the total building works equals 50 per cent of the dwelling over three years.) Homes with high ceilings or poor access to mounting location. Please Contact us for in regards to smoke alarms in this case or for any not standard requirements.

This Offer only applies to the installation of smoke alarms brisbane wide.

For the latest smoke alarm recommendations, rules and regulations refer to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services