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Dishlex Dishwasher Repair Brisbane

Dishlex dishwasher repairs Brisbane

Many of us couldn’t imagine life without our Dishlex dishwasher, especially in busy households where dishes can quickly stack up in the sink. And of course, now that many of us are used to having this wonder appliance, when it gives up the ghost, we feel the burden. Tea towel? What’s that?! Not to worry though, at Always Prompt Repairs Brisbane, our highly experienced and qualified technicians will come to the rescue for any dishwasher disaster.

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Dishlex Dishwasher repair Brisbane

Noticed any problems with your dishwasher?

Our technicians are well aware of all the problems that you can have with your Dishlex dishwasher. One thing, they always say is that there are always warning signs days or even weeks before the dishwasher eventually throws in the (tea) towel. Here are some common warning signs:

  • Your dishwasher doesn’t clean your dishes: Ok, so this is a no-brainer given that the reason you have your dishwasher is to clean the dishes. We at Always Prompt Dishwasher Repairs will figure it our pretty quickly, so give us a call.
  • The motor runs, but the dishwasher doesn’t fill with water: Again, if no water is getting into your dishwasher, then your dishes cannot get clean. It could be a simple fix – maybe there’s a problem with the hose.

We’re here to help!

Always Prompt Repair Brisbane are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm and are on hand to repair or service your Dishlex dishwasher. However, if you need us outside these hours, call us and we’ll come to the rescue.

The fix

We repair and service all major dishwasher brands including Bosch, Samsung, Whirlpool, Hoover, Electrolux, Fisher & Paykel, and many more.

As well as dishwasher repairs and servicing, we offer

  • Competitive pricing – we make it affordable for students and pensioners
  • A skilled team with vans stocked with dishwasher parts

We accept cash, mobile EFTPOS, Debit, VISA and Mastercard.

Remember – additional charges may apply after hours or weekends.

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