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Frequently asked questions from our customers?

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions from our customers. If you have a query that we haven’t answered here, give us a call and ask us directly on (07) 3062 2377.

Q. Why do you take a deposit for ordering uncommon parts?

A. We now take a deposit or full payment for any special order (non-van stocked parts) because customers sometimes changes their minds or cancel jobs after we have ordered non-refundable parts. In the past, this has left us out of pocket and stuck with parts we may never use again.

Q. If I fail to cancel an appointment will I be charged?

A. Yes, you will be charged a call-out fee if you don’t give us at lease four hours notice before the booked time. This is because we still have to pay the technician’s wages and travel costs to visit your property just to find nobody is home. In addition, we may miss out on booking someone else’s paying job in because we kept a booking time open for you.

Q. Why am I charged a call-out fee?

A. This fee is to cover the technician’s wages, administration, fuel, travel, advertising and fixed business costs while travelling to your job. (It often takes around 30 mins to get to a customer) Note: If we turn up and you’re not there and you haven’t cancelled the booking, you will still be charged the call-out fee.

Q. Will you have the parts to repair my appliance?

A. Until we have inspected your appliance we can not guarantee we will have all the parts required to repair it on the day. We do carry around stock in each van which is made up of the most common parts required for most appliance repairs. When possible, we try to diagnose the most likely fault over the phone and we often try to source the most likely common parts before attending your repair. If we need to order a part in and return to your job to complete a repair, we do not charge the full call-out charge again. (We normally give a fixed quote including labour to finish any further work required)

Q. Are you really on time every time?

A. We take a lot of pride in being ‘Always Prompt’ and enjoy the constant praise we receive for being on time and always try our best to live upto our motto ‘On time everytime’. You have a one-hour window from time of call to our arrival. (We may still need up to an hour on average to repair your appliance once we arrive on site though)

Q. Is it dangerous to repair my own appliance?

A. Yes! Even a qualified electrician may have trouble, unless experienced in appliance repairs. Some appliances could shock you even when unplugged. If wires/components are broken or not refitted correctly, the appliance could cause a fire or harm your family or yourself due to electrical shock or fire. In most cases it is also illegal to work on your own electrical appliance, so don’t take the risk.

Q. Do I have to pay the technician on the spot?

A. Yes please. We do not offer accounts or invoicing. However, we every technician brings a mobile EFTPOS and we accept cash, debit cards, visa/mastercard or business chq. We make it as easy as possible for you to pay on the day.

Q. Do you warranty your repairs?

A. For domestic repairs, we give a full 12-month parts and labour warranty on any parts supplied and fitted by our technicians.*

For commercial repairs, we give a full six-month parts and labour warranty on any parts supplied and fitted by our technicians.*

Some special order parts may have a shorter warranty, you will be clearly advised if this is the case when you’re quoted.

*Conditions Apply

Q. My dishwasher smells or leaves dirt/grime on dishes

A. For dishwashers: We recommend at least once a month the unit is run on a heavy or intensive cycle. After 15 mins of operation (or when you hear the dispenser flap open) pause the unit, open the door and add DESCALER  OR 1L of white vinegar to the water in the base of the unit. This cleans the dishwasher and removes water scale, grease, tablet foam or buildup etc. Also check/clean filters and clear spray arm holes from blockages.


Q. My washing machine smells or leaves dirt/grime on clothing

A. For washing machines: We recommend at least once a month the unit is run on warm/heavy duty/soak/intensive or hot cycles.

For front loaders: add DESCALER or 1L of white vinegar to the empty powder dispenser or tub.

Top loaders: Add 4L of white vinegar to bowl, then start the cycle. This cleans the washing machine and removes water scale, grease, fabric softner or powder foam buildup etc. Also check clean lint/pump filters.


Q. Can you recommend a new appliance?

A. Yes, we’d be delighted to! As we repair all brands of appliances we find out the common faults/issues, cost and availability of parts and receive feedback from customers first hand. As a result, we have a very good idea on which appliances you should or shouldn’t look to buy and where to currently get the best deal.

We recommend Andrew Borg at Harvey Norman Loganholme. We’ve had good feedback from our customers that he gives then great pricing and excellent service.

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