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Omega Oven Repairs Brisbane

Omega Oven Repairs Brisbane

It’s always a huge inconvenience when one of your kitchen appliances stops working – usually when you need it the most. And although Omega is an excellent oven brand, it isn’t immune from occasional problems – like all appliances. It can seem spontaneous when your oven breaks down but our master technicians always tell us that there are always warning signs. So it might be a good time to contact us at Always Prompt Repairs to arrange a service so that you won’t receive any nasty surprises!

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Omega Oven Repairs Brisbane at Always Prompt Repairs

How to recognise Omega oven problems

Your oven provides a few clues that all is not well in the weeks leading up to its final breakdown – here are the most common.

Your oven won’t heat up

Worse still, you may notice this only when you open the oven door to remove the sumptuous roast you thought you’d cooked only to find a raw lump of meat. The heating element may be broken which should be easy enough to replace. But please don’t attempt this yourself – call us and we’ll be happy to take a look.

You can no longer clean it

This usually occurs because you haven’t cleaned it for quite a while. Grease builds up, becomes embedded and is impossible to remove. Therefore, you’re left with nasty smoke every time you try to use the oven. If you’re not in the market for a new oven, there is only one way to tackle the problem. That’s to roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing!

We’re here to help!

Always Prompt Omega Oven Repairs Brisbane are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4.30pm. However, if you need us outside these hours, call us and we’ll try to get out to you. Please note, however, that there are additional charges for weekend or out-of-hours call-outs.

The fix

We also repair and service all leading oven brands including Smeg, Blanco, LG, Samsung, Dishlex, General Electric, Electrolux, Simpson, Hoover, Fisher & Paykel, and more.

In addition, we offer:

  • Competitive pricing – we make it affordable for students and pensioners
  • You only pay if your appliance is out of warranty
  • We supply a skilled team of technicians with vans stocked with oven parts

We accept cash, mobile EFTPOS, Debit, VISA and MasterCard.
Remember – additional charges may apply after hours or weekends. What are you waiting for?

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