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Switch on to Safety Switches

Safety switches have been compulsory in all new homes in Queensland since 1992. So whether you’re a renter or a homeowner, make sure that you have at least one safety switch and that it is working. However, if you have more than one circuit in your home or office, you should have a safety switch for that circuit.

Electrical safety switches

Why are they important?

Safety switches are REALLY important! They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit and shut down the power if they detect leakage of current. This prevents electric shock… and saves lives.

Testing your safety switch

So you’ve found the safety switch or switches and can congratulate yourself on being both compliant and safe – right? Well almost. You need to check that it is working which ideally, you should do every three months or so.

How to test your safety switch

  1. Locate the safety switch.
  2. Locate the test button for that safety switch.
  3. Press the safety switch test button.
    If it is working, power for that circuit immediately trips off and you’re good to go!
    If your safety switch doesn’t immediately trip the power then it is faulty and must be replaced.

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For more information, visit Workplace Health and Safety Electrical Safety Office Workers’ Compensation Register. and Shockproof your home.

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